Polyclinic K-centar was founded with the vision and mission to provide citizens with top-quality health services in the treatment and prevention of chronic diseases (osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, acute pain syndromes, varicose veins and hemorrhoids) in one place, with the application of the latest medical methods and team work of experts.

Although chronic diseases actually make up 80% of the total healthcare activity, there are no specialized institutions in Croatia that deal with this issue. It is common practice for patients to find their way on their own by walking from one doctor to another, waiting in the corridors of hospitals, clinics and laboratories, where they usually meet with another doctor during check-ups, because unfortunately hospitals are not organizationally or staffed to deal with chronic diseases in the correct way for the patient.

On the other hand, the progress of science and technology has led to the fact that medicine has branched out into a large number of specialties, which means that family doctors are not able to monitor all areas with equal quality.

This is why it is necessary to provide a specialist consultation service through specialized centers such as the K-center Polyclinic, especially since chronic diseases require continuous treatment, where it is important that the patient is followed by the same doctor or medical team. Despite the extraordinary development of modern technology, the introduction of new methods and medicines, modern medicine is unable to cure most of today’s diseases.

We are proud of our distinctive working principle, in which the focus is on the patient, not the disease, and examinations and treatment are planned according to the needs of each individual. Our program is intended for all citizens, not only those who feel discomfort, because prevention should begin long before problems appear.

The human body is too complex and the vast majority of health problems will not be solved by replacing organs, joints or using drugs. That is why modern trends in medicine are early prevention and regenerative medicine. Namely, the disease is only the last stage of tissue and organ damage that began long before the symptoms of the disease appeared. Therefore, it is necessary to protect yourself in time, to recognize the first signs of damage and to regenerate the damage as soon as possible.

Because people differ genetically, they will respond differently to risk factors, disease, and treatment. Especially in the case of chronic diseases, it is necessary to treat the patient, not the disease. This is also the best way to avoid unnecessary diagnostic tests and harmful consequences of long-term treatment, which is necessary in the case of chronic diseases.

In the K-center, we especially nurture preventive programs such as a unique exercise program designed to strengthen bones Tae-do and MBST (therapeutic magnetic resonance), regenerative therapy of cartilage tissue, muscles, tendons, ligaments and bones.

So come to the K-centar Polyclinic simply with a question:

What should I do for my health?

A team of top experts will give you clear answers, based on targeted diagnostics that you can do immediately and in the same place. Educate yourself on how to implement preventive measures to preserve your health and carry out treatment if necessary.

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